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Essence Security's S-100 Smoke Generator is an essential item for your MyShield security system. With its rapid smoke output within 30 seconds and an impressive smoke volume of 100 m³, this device offers an effective method of deterring intruders and protecting your premises.


Its compact size allows for easy installation and integration into your existing security system.

The S-100 is ideal for specialist companies that install, configure and maintain high-quality security technology for end customers.


As a product from Essence Security, a leading manufacturer in the field of security technology, you benefit from proven quality and reliability.


Rök behållare MyShield S100 2-Pack.

3 749,00 kr Ordinarie pris
2 999,20 krReapris
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    • Manufacturer: Essence Security
    • Series: MyShield
    • Item number: 237385
    • Product Type: Smoke Generator
    • Smoke release time: 30 seconds
    • Smoke volume: 100 m³
    • Box contents: 2 piece
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